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Your little girls should ski

I believe all little girls should ski. I maybe biased because I am a skier, but skiing teaches you things that a lot of other sports don’t.

Skiing teaches you to be independent. No one is going to go make those turns for you, no one is going to make sure you have all your gear. You are 100% responsible for how your day goes.  The best thing about skiing is you do not need anyone else to go with you. Skiing teaches you how to be comfortable by yourself, to rely on yourself, to just enjoy yourself!

Girls always get lumped into groups, go to the bathroom together, walk down the street together... etc. But skier girls, they don’t need someone else to do those things, if they want to go do something they can go and do it. Skiing taught us that, skiing taught us we can do whatever we want to do and we don’t need an entourage to do it. Skiing builds independence.

Skiing teaches girls confidence. Have you ever gotten to the top of a run or anything for that matter and thought… “Holy shit, I can’t do this” … of course you have we all have, but skiing teaches you that there is always a way to get down and once you make that first turn the rest is cake.

Teaching little girls to look fear dead in the eye, believe in themselves and try it makes them confident. Confident in their abilities and confident in themselves. But it doesn’t stop on the ski hill. That same confidence follows them to school and to other sports it begins to translate in everything they do because if they know can ski that run then they know they can definitely ace that math test (or whatever it maybe).

Coaching 10-year-old girls I have watched them go from “I am not skiing off that” to ripping down KT-22 trying to find every cliff and rock to huck themselves off. Once they are confident they are willing to try everything, and that’s when major breakthrough happens because they truly believe they can do anything and everything, it’s INCREDIBLE!

Skiing teaches us that it’s good to be strong. Skiing works so many muscles and builds up your endurance in ways unlike any other sport. One of the great things about skier girls is their strength, you can’t jump off cliffs and rip gates on twigs. Skiing gives you some huge quads. If you don’t build up those muscles skiing is exhausting, but skier girls are made into machines. They want to be the best and they work their butts off to get there. Skiing creates strong bodies.

This also creates positive body imagefor young girls. When they get into the sport of skiing they are looking up to other female skiers and female skiers are full of muscle they show us what it’s like to be strong women.

They are looking up to athletes instead of pop stars and models, they are watching these women go 90+ MPH (How badass is that?) down an icy slope instead of walking down a runway. Skiing exposes women to all sorts of different body sizes and shapes and stops flooding their brains with photos and imagery of super stars.

Skiing teaches girls a love for the outdoors. The best part of skiing is being outside all day long! In today’s society everything is focused around screens, but when they are skiing they are enjoying life, they are outside having fun exercising, living! They are not stuck on the couch looking at who knows what! Skiing brings us back to the basics of just being outside and enjoying the mountains.

Skiing builds incredible people, skiing takes a little girl and makes her independent, skiing makes her confident in herself, skiing makes her strong, and proud of her strength, but most of all skiing creates bad ass little girls that will be able to stand up for themselves and show the world that they can do anything they want! Because did you see her huck off that cliff? If she can do that, she can do anything.

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