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7 February Favorites

February is my favorite month, probably because it's my birthday month but it's usually filled with snow & lots of love thanks to Valentines Day . Since I get so many messages about things I use I decided to put together a list of my favorite products that I just adore and really use. So here are my 7 February Favorites...


1. Mindbender 115c Alliance | K2 Skis

These skis are my all time most favorite ski I have ever ever been on! EVER! Other than the fact that these Mindbenders are pink & have some sparkles in their top sheets, these skis FUCKING RIP ( sorry for cursing but there is just no other way to explain my excitement). They crush through everything, and when you go fast there is no such things as speed wobbles & they have no trouble going from soft snow to hardpack shit without missing a beat, what a DREAM! They come in three different sizes 165, 172, & 179. I promise if you are looking for the ultimate fat ski. THIS IS IT! So head over to K2s website or your favorite local ski shop and BUY THEM! Seriously you will not regret it.

2. Thrive Causemetics | Eyeliner + Brilliant Eye Brightener + Mascara

Ladies this is all you need for your eyes! I kid you not this little eye set is pure magic. I love this stuff ! If you don't want to spend the money on the full set, I highly recommend getting the mascara it is a liquid lash extension that not only makes your eyelashes look longer but its ingredients includes Orchid Stem Cell Complex: this ingredient helps to stimulate your lashes & helps to support longer, healthier-looking lashes over time. My favorite thing about this mascara is the " Flake-Free Tubing Technology" this not only keeps your lashes looking fly all day long, but when you go to wash your face at the end of the day it comes off in clumps for easy removal instead of scrapping your eyes making your face red & black like every other mascara... Mind-blowing I know! I have also noticed my lashes looking longer and healthier since I started using this mascara.

3. GiGI Pip Hat | Monroe

Okay honestly any GiGI Pip hat you get is going to be fire, but my sister got me the Monroe rancher hat in Oatmeal, and I am obsessed, I have to force myself not to wear it every single day. The monroe hat has a tear drop crown with a little up turned brim, which is adorable & great for me because I have such a round face. This hat is 100% Australian wool and has an adorable tonal grosgrain ribbon which ads the cutest little touch.

4. Orgain Protein Shakes | To-go

Pre-made protein shakes to go, sign me up! I used to try and make protein shakes to bring with me post workouts, or for an afternoon snack at work but I found by the time I got around to drinking them, they were chunky, or watery and really just unappetizing. Then whaaaalaaa ( if that is how its spelled?) Orgain makes these yummy protein shakes in to go containers! And its perfect. I can fit them in my ski jacket for a long day on the mountain, pack one in my purse when I am running errands all day, or just grab one out of the fridge and drink it right after a work out. Best part is if you order online and use my code FERGALICIOUS you can get 30% off your first order!

5. California 89 | Chunkty Twist Pom Beanie

This has been my go to beanie all winter, not only is it insanely comfortable but its so stinking cute! I wear it to dinner, after skiing, in my house I love it! California 89 is the most adorable little store located in downtown Truckee, not only can you go buy this beanie but they have a variety of clothing, sunglasses, accessories & more. If you just like hanging out in the lodge or getting outside they have something for everyone!

6. Hestra Gloves | Omni Mitt

Skiing is a winter sport, it snows when you ski, skiing is cold ( I hate being cold). But never not once have my hands been frozen in my Hestra Omni Mitts! These mittens are my favorite, I have a had a variety of Hestra gloves in my life ( not just snow gloves, but mountain biking gloves too), all which I loved but the Omni Mitts have stolen my heart, they are comfortable, durable, they pull on an off easily and they match my ski ensemble so I dig them even more. I have them in white, but they come in black, royal blue/ brown & take your pick!

7. Moroccanoil Hair Products

I love EVERY product that Moroccanoil sells, shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, hair masks, body oil, body lotion, all of it. It all smells incredible. It is pure magic in a bottle, not only will you smell amazing, but your hair and skin will look amazing. Lately I have been obsessed with their hair oil. When I get out of the shower I just dab a few drops and run it through my wet hair, style as usual and it always looks 1000x better ( My hair dresser even noticed a huge difference at my last appointment) than when I forget to add those magic drops.

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