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4 Women to Follow

There are so many amazing, athletic, smart, beautiful women in the world that's hard to nail down just who to follow. However these 4 women I just absolutely adore. Since social media has become such a big part of our daily lives, I think its important to follow people that make you feel good & inspire you! These 4 women social accounts are full of fun, pride, honesty, drive & they inspire me daily! So if you need a refresher on your instagram check out these 4 BAD ASS women!


Courtesy Alix Best Instagram

Okay talk about strength and beauty and drive and humor. Alix is everything, seriously I am obsessed with her. Not only is she absolutely beautiful but she is a total bad ass. She is the founder of Swolverine which is "an endurance athlete and active lifestyle brand. Made for the elite athlete, and the strong-willed our products were designed to fuel your athletic performance. We perform when you perform." Seriously....she started that, and if that doesn't keep her busy enough she also runs The Swole Kitchen where she personally coaches you on nutrition specifically for YOU! Other than running the world of fitness she , She is an incredible human being, volunteering for tons of non-profit organizations like The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society as well as the Humane Society.

She is also hilarious I love following her instagram, every single post is so uplifting, funny, honest and encouraging, She embodies everything I want to be. So if you follow no one else from this list do yourself a favor and give her a follow, she will make your day every day, and probably make you clean up your diet and head to the gym!

Courtesy Ali Conway Instagram

All I have to say is MOM GOALS....okay not just mom goals how about freaking GOALS period. Ali is the woman behind the most body positive swimwear line on the planet Strange Bikinis. " Making women feel their best and looking their strangest" THANK YOU! Seriously we are constantly bombarded with tiny girls in tiny bikinis and Ali has made bikinis for literally every woman, every size, shape, build all of it & it honestly is pure magic.

Other than slaying the world of bikinis and empowering all women she's a mom. Her page is filled with bikinis, babes, and the cutest little baby ever. She is truly a woman doing it all and her page is filled with nothing but positivity, love and she is so honest...about everything the good, the bad and the ugly. She is a true inspiration and I always leave her page feeling empowered, beautiful & freaking confident.

3 .Lindsay Bourgoine | POW | @lindsaymaine

Courtesy Lindsay Bourgoine Instagram

Beauty & Brains! Lindsay is incredible, she's outdoorsy, rips on skis, is the cutest little nugget and to top it off she's a gosh darn change maker! Lindsay is the Head of Advocacy & Policy at Protect Our Winters. So yes, she's a badass. Taking on Washington D.C. & beyond. When Lindsay isn't destroying climate change she is ice climbing, running marathons, backcountry skiing & taking the cutest pics.

Lindsay is the epitome of passion, whatever she does she does 100% and she does it with purpose. I could not be more proud to call this woman my friend and more in awe of how incredibly powerful she is. She stands up for what she believes in and goes above and beyond in all aspects of her life. I highly encourage you to follow her and check out to help support Lindsay and her fight against climate change. Or give her a listen on Gretchen Bleilers podcast.

4. Grete Eliassen | @whatsyourlinewithgrete |

Courtesy Grete Eliassen Instagram

Superwoman. If I had to describe Grete in one word that would be it. She's a professional skier, public speaker, advocate for women in sports, and podcaster! Growing up skiing I was always watching Grete ( even though I was a racer). She was the coolest she went huge in the pipe & crushed it in slopestyle and I remember just watching the X-games ( which she has medaled in multiple times) in complete awe of what this girl did on skis. But she is so much more than just an incredible skier. She was the president of The Women Sports Foundation, which being a girls ski coach , I just admire how hard she pushes for girls to get out there! Starred in Warren Miller & continues to live her life to the absolute fullest.

If you need a dose of bad ass with a side of girl power check out her page, it's constantly uplifting and sending such a powerful message that we can all aspire to be the best, no matter what we set out to do! Also if you are looking for a role model for any young girl, look no further I show the girls I coach Grete's Instagram all the time! They think the world of her! Thank you for you woman and making all little girls believe that they can do anything.

As I said there are hundreds of amazing women out there, lately these 4 have taken over my instagram & I couldn't be happier about it. I love seeing women take charge and make shit happen! These women inspire me everyday, watching the things they do with such grace and poise while being complete savages...there is really nothing better than that!

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